Management Team

As a leading equal opportunity employer in India, Mahaveer Trans Movers India Pvt Ltd has a motivated and dynamic management team of highly qualified professionals and dedicated workmen and staff whose work has shown the way towards creating ” Team Excellence “.

Mr Radhe Krishan, Chairman and Managing Director

Radhe Krishan, Chairman, Mahaveer Trans Movers India Pvt Ltd, is a first generation entrepreneur. He has made invaluable contributions towards strengthening the core employees transport sectors in UP, NCR and has steered the Mahaveer Trans Movers India Pvt Ltd to a premier position in a third party transportation solutions and concept.
Radhe Krishan started his career with his business. Along with brother Gopal Krishan laid the foundation of the
Mahaveer Trans Movers India Pvt Ltd, which is today a multi locational conglomerate with operations in more than 5 locations, serving nearly 100 clients, 500 people, and revenues of more than 50 lakh. Mahaveer Trans Movers India Pvt Ltd is a leading player in the third party transportation solutions and concept, Hotel, Real Estate, Authorized service centers, Hospitality and Leasing.

Mr Radhe Krishan and Mr Gopal Krishan has masterminded the Group’s business strategy and consolidated a range of activities through backward and forward integration.

Dr K.C.Dubey, Executive Director

Dr K.C.Dubey has been associated with the Mahaveer Trans Movers India Pvt Ltd since 2011 and is involved in restructuring the group companies providing significant transport solutions and concept business to corporate heavyweights with responsibility for strengthening and growing the company’s capabilities in regular transportation and value added services. He helped build the manufacturing practice of the company including its sales, solutions and delivery function. Apart from his contributions in core function, he played key role in implementation and execution of new projects. In addition, he is assisting the HR Deptt to further defining ‘competency based Employees relations processes and practices’; in the company.
Prior to this he held responsible positions at Birla Public School, H.J.S.S (Principal) Pilani Rajasthan.
Dr K.C.Dubey is a Ph.D from University of Aligarh.

Mr Gopal Krishan – Director – Finance
With over 7 years of diverse experience, Mr Gopal Krishan is currently responsible for designing, defining and implementing policies and process improvements in Finance. He has also been spearheading a task of putting into place a company wide risk control mechanism.

Mr Gopal Krishan completed his full education in Computer Science and engineering from Birla Technical Training Institute Pilani Rajasthan.

Mr Shekhar Pandey — Director Operation – Liasion and Statutory compliance
Trilochan is head of statutory compliance deptt with 100% compliance under various provisions of Motor Vehicle Act.
He remains in constant touch with every core function for feedback and after doing the RCA, initiate the Corrective and Preventive action as well.

Adv Hemant Mishra — Legal Advisor

These professionals of law play the role of advocates and advisors for their clients. In Civil (Civil) or Criminal cases, these plaintiffs or defendants (defendants) hold parties in respective courts. He sues his client in court and also debates his side. He also clarifies the legal situations for a particular case. As an advisor or solicitor, he advises his client how the law will apply to the facts related to their (client's) case. Upon reaching the court in court, solicitors give urgent advice to lawyers who advocate related matters.

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